• Who can I contact if I have more questions or special requirements on my booking?

    Call the Hospitality & Events team on (02) 9339 9123 

    Or email us at corporateclients@sydneyswans.com.au 


  • What is included in my package?
  • What is the dress code?
  • What is the latest I can book my tickets?
  • When will I receive my tickets?
  • What information should I pass onto my guests?
  • My client wants to bring their kids, what is the best package for us to purchase?
  • Can we bring our own food
  • What is the website for ordering catering?
  • What time can we access our match day facility?
  • I have lost my tickets, what should I do?
  • How many people are required to book into each area?
  • How much does each product cost?
  • What are the AFL Entry Conditions and the Venue Conditions of Entry I should be aware of?